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Spray tans are a great way of getting that sun kissed glow to your skin without the sun damage. We use Sienna X solution which gives a professional finish with a range of colours depending on how dark you want to go! With the use of a professional spray gun and pop up tent there is no overspray and we can provide disposable underwear if you prefer. The tan will last for around five days; the best way to prolong the tan is to moisturise daily and gently exfoliate after day three.

We offer an express tan that can be washed off after only an hour. We can also order in darker tans for body builders and disco dancers.

If you have never used self-tan products before or have had a reaction to any product it is highly recommended to have a patch test carried out 24 hours before. If you are pregnant or taking any medication it is advisable to get permission from your midwife/GP before booking.

·         The day before your spray tan exfoliate and moisturise the skin
·         Wax or shave at least 24 hours before
·         Do not use any self-tan products one week prior to your spray tan
·         Do not wear makeup, lotions , deodorant or perfume as this will interfere with the tan
·         Wear loose dark clothing and flip flops

Whilst the guide colour is still on the skin-
·         Do not apply makeup or any other skin products
·         Avoid friction or rubbing the skin
·         Avoid activities that will result in sweating
·         Do not bath or shower for at least 8 hours, the product should be left on overnight to maximise the effect of the tan
·         Avoid white bed sheets
·         Avoid facial toner as it will bleach the tan
·         Avoid swimming in chlorinated water